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What is the Impact Accelerator?

Impact Accelerator is 6-9 month long development program for social enterprises. During the program you work together with experts and investors to scale up the social impact and financial possibilities of your enterprise.

What do we offer?


The steps of the program


What is the social enterprise?

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Who we are?

Impact Accelerator operates within the frame of Civil Support Not For Profit Ltd. Civil Support aims to improve the impact of social organizations through their development and the interconnectedness of the civil and business sector.

Gábor Lévai (coach, business developer and impact measurement expert)
I am involved in business development of for-profit companies for 20 years, non-profit organizations for 10 years and social enterprises for 4 years. Besides the numbers I am interested in people’s development and the culture of collaboration. That is why I founded  Civil Support Not For Profit Ltd. 4 years ago.
Dániel Gönczi (organization and product developer)
After studying psychology and mathematics I worked as director of recruitment advisory firms in Hungary and South-East Asia. 5 years ago I turned to online product development. Afore at, later at an online recruitment start up, aiming to the American market, I experimented with the efficient organizational innovation methods besides product development. At present I learn and adapt together with my clients the most efficient individual and organizational development methods.
András Harsányi (financing expert)

I concluded my studies in Budapest and have an MBA and a degree in economics. For 15 years I worked in real estate development. I was senior economist at Plaza Centers (Europe) B.V. and head of development and finance at MKB Bank owned Euro Ingatlan Ltd. In the past years I helped the work of civil organizations and acted as head of operations at Heroes’ Square Initiative.

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